Our history

Telling Games Lodi means telling a successful Italian entrepreneurial story that has lasted for some time. Games Lodi is one of the main operators in the regulated gaming sector and is currently active both in Italy and abroad, with an offer that includes betting, online games and entertainment machines. The Group operates through a widespread retail channel throughout Italy and an online channel active both in Italy and abroad. Games Lodi’s strategy is based on three pillars:

• lasting, inclusive and sustainable growth;
• technological innovation, we consider innovation a fundamental factor for digital transformation;
• responsible gaming, we promote a culture of gaming as fun and away from excess.


At the Bar Davide in Lodi, which they had owned since 1983, the brothers Giancarlo and Mario Forni install the first entertainment machine


The current gaming market is born and with it the first real investments of the family. As of 12/31/2004 the company has 350 customers, 900 AWPs and 8 collaborators


The first important commercial agreements are signed with Lottomatica and Snai. The first acquisitions of competitor companies begin, including Piacenza Giochi and Extranet (now the operating branch in Friuli Venezia Giulia).


Purchase of DAK srl, with operational headquarters in the province of Mantua (today an important operational branch between Lower Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia). Purchase of Net Games srl and Tempo Libero srl.


Purchase of NET srl and start of the sale and distribution of appliances throughout the country. Opening of the first VLT halls. Purchase of the first Bingo hall, in Crema, the Iperbingo.


Partnership agreement with SNAI spa for the management of devices in the Mantua branch. Acquisition of the Toscana Giochi company, now an operating branch in the Tuscany region.


The process for the purchase of the stake in NTS Network Spa, a concessionary company, begins, which allows the group the first vertical integration towards the upper part of the supply chain.


Purchase of Ebet d.o.o., based in Belgrade in Serbia, today Marvintech, active in the development of graphic contents for the gaming world. Establishment in partnership with SISAL Spa of the company Network Italia, active in the development of the rental branch of AWP equipment.


Purchase of two new bingo halls, in Modena and Castrocaro Terme, Bingo Globo and Bingo Bull. Opening of the halls of Brembate, Arzago and Udine.


Purchase of two new bingo halls, Bingo Globo and Bingo Bull, in Modena and Castrocaro Terme respectively. Opening of the cinemas in Brembate, Arzago and Udine. Birth of Seven Bull, a company operating in the Spanish market through the sale of entertainment devices.


Purchase of the majority of the concessionary company Parma bet srl.

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