We allow People to give the best of themselves

We are committed to providing our customers with enjoyment and support every day. We are focused on creating exciting experiences through our brands.

By challenging conventions, discovering new ideas, championing our customers and working hard to be the best in ourselves, we build strong cultures at Games Lodi that encourage your creativity.

Gender policy

At Games Lodi, we believe diversity is a key asset to our success. For this reason, we are committed to promoting gender policies that ensure equal opportunities for all our employees, regardless of their gender.

We are aware that the Betting sector has traditionally been dominated by men, but we believe it is important to create an inclusive and respectful work environment, in which every employee can express their potential to the fullest.

For this reason, we have adopted a number of gender policies, including promoting a corporate culture based on equality and mutual respect, ensuring equal access to job opportunities and promoting training and professional development programs for all our employees.

Furthermore, we are committed to guaranteeing equal pay between men and women, to promoting the reconciliation of work and family life and to preventing any form of discrimination or harassment in the workplace.

We are convinced that only through the constant commitment and collaboration of all our employees can we create an inclusive and respectful work environment, in which each person can feel valued and appreciated for their skills and contribution.

Health & Safety, Welfare and Wellness

We try to create a work environment that complies with the highest health and safety standards and in which the characteristics of individuals cannot give rise to discrimination or conditioning, guaranteeing the full exercise of everyone’s rights.

Professional development

Professional development is one of the competitive factors of the market in which the Group operates, necessary to attract and retain new talent, to develop skills, including digital skills, and to build career paths suited to the expectations of its employees.

Diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities

Diversity is a further distinguishing factor for the Group’s growth, guaranteeing a wider background, experience and point of view necessary for sustainable development.


Our global diversity, equity and inclusion strategy sets a clear direction for the Group and allows us to measure our progress in embedding it in everything we do. We tailor our approach to local contexts ensuring that the Group’s wider philosophy and values ​​are always respected.

We put people first – this is a promise we make to everyone who walks through our doors.

Our innovative training and development opportunities are designed around your needs and goals, challenging you to be better and helping Games Lodi become even stronger.

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