Our commitment is ESG

Games Lodi is convinced that the achievement of optimal economic performance must be included in a structured strategy that also considers the impact on people and the planet, fully integrating the drivers of sustainability within daily business choices.

For this reason, the Group has defined and approved an extensive Sustainability Plan articulated along the three ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) commitment lines, so as to integrate its business model with specific medium-long term objectives capable of generating sustainable value over time, both in terms of economic and financial performance and in terms of sustainability performance.


We operate in full awareness of the role of legal gaming in the industrial sector through proactive collaboration with the institutions and compliance with the regulatory framework (primary rules, such as the prohibition of gambling for minors under 18, Legislative Decree "Balduzzi, Legislative Decree "Dignità; local regulations and concession contracts).


Attention to the customer is guaranteed during all stages of development and delivery of the game offer. For this reason, the Group adopts a specific Responsible Marketing Policy, containing the general principles that must guide the development and choice of products, as well as information, communication and marketing of the same.


The Sustainability Plan also aims to strengthen governance through the development of business ethics programs, the integration of ethical and environmental risks within the risk management model, and the implementation of targeted procedures.


The Group promotes a responsible and aware approach through the creation of a solid Responsible Gaming Programme, structured according to three intervention guidelines: the protection of minors, the prevention of forms of excessive gaming, the promotion of a healthy gaming model and responsible.


To protect consumers and guarantee a safe and secure gaming experience, we also adopt certain procedures relating to privacy and cyber-security: in particular, the Procedure relating to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of the same and the Operating Procedure breach management & notification.


We value our resources and offer opportunities for growth, involvement and professional fulfillment with dedicated programs and initiatives. The Group undertakes to protect and enhance its resources by offering opportunities for growth, involvement and realization through dedicated programs and initiatives in the following areas.

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